Operation Christmas Child


OCC Relay Center at COTH:


Monday - November 23, 2015:

The COTH OCC Relay Center has completed the packing of boxes into cases, have loaded them into the trailer, and they are on their way to Temple, Texas.   A great BIG thank you to all those who donated items throughout the year, helped pack shoe boxes these last few months, and those who faithfully helped staff the OCC Relay Center at the COTH Church Annex in Lometa.  This was a HUGE success because of everyone's faithful part in this process.  Here are the statistics as the boxes leave for Temple, TX.  COTH collected and packed 302 shoeboxes.  Those 302 shoeboxes were added to the Relay Center shoeboxes for a total of 483 shoeboxes placed into 32 cartons for shipping to Temple.  That means 483 children will hear the gospel message in their language and nearly 200 of them will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.  Then those 200 children will go through the Greatest Journey 12 week discipleship training and graduate earning their own Bible.  By that time, many of these children's entire families have accepted the Lord.  So you see, this is a really big deal in the Kingdom of God, and for such a small financial investment!

God bless each one of you from COTH who participated, and we also want to that the other Lometa churches who joined with us this year to make a greater impact in the Kingdom of God.

Time to get started for next year!   :-)


First four pictures are from Church of the Hills 302 shoeboxes that we prayed over on Sunday, November 15th



                          This one shoebox could be the tool to win an entire family to the Lord!

At the COTH Annex OCC Relay Center:





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